Rainbow Cat Explores Space

Here we see Rainbow Cat, excited by all the current happenings in space research wanting to get in on the action. I'm assuming Rainbow Cat has like a secret jet pack on its back we can't see and some sort of oxygen supply (Does Rainbow Cat even need oxygen?...) or else Rainbow Cat isn't going... Continue Reading →

Lil’ Linds the Soccer Gal

When I was in second grade I started playing soccer. I think I did those little classes when I was littler but this was my first time on a team. This was back before soccer was huge for girls where I grew up so there weren't very many teams available. There was no rec league... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Cats

Here's another installment of me playing with watercolors! Here are some rainbow cats. The one on the bottom right is just starting to turn fancy (hence the goofy look of uncertainty and surprise) and the other two have already turned over from plain old cats into beautiful rainbow felines. I like how they turned out... Continue Reading →

Cat Cat returns with new gadgets!

Cat Cat returns! This time with new and improved gadgetry, since he doesn't have too many skills otherwise and needs some technologic support. This adventure features Cat Cat's newest gizmo, the Hairball-SpectroScope TM. Side note: I think Cat Cat has some sort of sidekick, yet to be determined, who is the brains behind the operation,... Continue Reading →

Better than GPS

Have you ever wondered where your pet was in the house? It's pretty certain Smudge will be on the bed, back of the couch, or in a sun spot near a window. Duncan, however, is a little harder to track down. Therefore, after careful observations and data collection, I can assuredly determine that...I really can't... Continue Reading →

Down By The Bay

You know that song? "Down by the baaaaay, where the watermelons grooooooow, back to my hooooome, I dare not gooooooo. For if I dooooo, my mother will saaaaaaay, 'Have you ever seen a bear combing its hair?' Down by the bay!" Well Hazel thinks it's hilarious and loved when I said,  "Have you ever seen... Continue Reading →


Hazel is now a little over 2.5. She's funny and imaginative and I'm feeling inspired to draw based on her toddler creativity! She's really into Diego and calls herself that all the time, and insists we do, too. I get to be Alicia and her dad is "Baby Jaguar." So Diego just started going to... Continue Reading →

Catnip Farms

So I decided to draw a little about what Duncan would do if he won that Powerball lottery. He definitely would start his own catnip farm and since he's such a down-to-earth kind of cat he would work this farm. Now, being as it's a catnip farm he would also most definitely not really work... Continue Reading →

Begin Dream Sequence

Well, unfortunately for the cats (and me, and nearly everyone else)......they didn't win the big Powerball lottery. However, I feel like Duncan and Smudge would want to explore what would happen if they became billionaires. Because, really, why not? Didn't everyone have a plan in their heads if when they win? I know I did.... Continue Reading →


I titled this "What." This was intentionally not a question but a rhetorical statement (can you even do that?).  Duncan KNOWS he is not supposed to march on countertops or tables but he is also stubborn, too smart for his own good, and stubborn.  And a jerk.  We'll snap and "chuch" him (say the word,... Continue Reading →

Adam: “Did you trace that or freehand it…because I’ve never seen you draw anything that well before.” Um….thanks?

So I've been working at a day camp and during free time a kid and I started drawing and she asked me to draw her something.  So, I did and she liked it and asked for Hello Kitty.  I told her I can't do it from memory and needed a picture so we got a... Continue Reading →

Hello, again!

Oooooooooook.  I'm back.  Yes, I am here and moved in to our newly fixed up little house.  So hello, again! Firstly, we've been working super hard on getting our house all fixed up....like 3-5 days a week after work and almost all weekend every weekend since January.  I know, right?  I totally didn't imagine that... Continue Reading →

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